Deborah-Marie Diamond is a master healer and teacher of the spiritual arts. She has integrated the best of quantum physics, vibrational medicine, mind/body therapies, psychology, world religions, and shamanism to create Light and Sound Healing the New Medicine for people, animals, and land.

She is the founder and steward of Diamond Healing & Education Inc., and Diamond Mystery School. She is a New Thought Minister and Reiki Master. She studied with several world-famous energetic healers and Native American Shamans.

Her purpose as a  teacher is to guide others to actualize healthy life affirming practices into daily life to become more present, aware, and heart centered in all situations with all beings.

She is gifted at integrating the practices of many spiritual traditions, especially American Indian spirituality, Buddhism, and New Thought Christianity.

Deborah-Marie specializes in clearing physical and emotional trauma from people, animals, and land and then rebuilding the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual systems of the being.

She works with people and animals throughout the US and around world at her office in Asheville, North Carolina, or on the telephone. Call 828-299-8800 for an appointment or more information.


Her entire life she has had a passion for understanding human behavior, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. At ten she learned hypnosis. By twelve was giving hypnosis sessions to help people change unskilled behaviors. By the time she was thirteen, she had read the full work of Freud. At sixteen, she was exploring the world’s religions. In her undergraduate degree in Rhetoric and Public Address, she specialized in the study of non-verbal behavior – the “meta message” of our communications. She has a minor in psychology. After her Master’s Degree in Communication and Business Development, her studies continued in herbology, acupuncture, and homeopathy. Next was the three year ministerial training in New Thought Christianity.

She has been a student and practitioner of nutrition for over 40 years and has studied several different philosophies of nutrition from many cultures around the world.

After a rigorous ten year training in several esoteric healing modalities, she graduated only to delve deeper into the quantum – infinite realms of life, living, and healing.

Her firm “Corporate Vision,” was a pioneer in assisting companies to resolve co-dependence in the workplace and raise profitability through a motivating performance review system – The Morgan Method. (Created by Mary Riley Ph.D.)

For over 28 years she has maintained a private international practice for mental, physical, emotional health, and personal growth.

Here’s what others say:

“Over the past few years, I’ve been through so much…my mother passing away, a divorce, single parenting, a new partner, a new job.  I don’t think I could have made it through all the transitions without Deborah-Marie’s guidance and support. I finally feel like I can communicate successfully, enjoy my life, love myself, and breathe! I finally feel whole.”  Kris Mease

“Deborah-Marie is a true healer in every sense of the word. Her deep insight and sensitivity into both the physical and metaphysical realms of existence coupled with many years of serious training, research and practice in her field have given her an extraordinary base from which to work. As our sessions progressed, I felt layer upon layer of tension and strain falling away leaving me with a new sense of clarity, freedom and flexibility.”  Sharon Rose, Mideastern Scholar and Dancer

Even More…

She founded Circle of Life Center in 1994; Diamond Healing & Education, Inc. in 2002; and Deborah-Marie Productions LLC 2008 to assist individuals and corporations to reach their unknown possibilities.

Her seminars are interactive and designed to facilitate a safe space for participants to explore their personal possibilities and create synergism with-in the company in more conscious and mindful ways.

“This seminar (Awaken – Walk the LIfe of Buddha) has awakened, enlivened, and enriched my life on a deep cellular level. This Experience cannot be gotten from books or from ‘thinking’. It moves your heart to a deep understanding of truth, releasing fears and illusions.” Joan Tryba, The Zen of Transformation

“Through her Conscious Leadership Course, Deborah-Marie Diamond helped us to develop new ways of learning to lead and interact with staff and with clients. She helped expand our resource base and intuitive knowing as well as create new approaches to our community work. The training helped cultivate a deeper sense of inner calm and trust while showing us how to grow in our business through more team work and more synergy.”  Erik Pflaumbaum, Director of Operations, Carol King & Associates.

Even, even more…phone 828-299-8800. Start your journey to health and joy now!