It’s Not What you Want…

…but who you are.  I worked for over four decades assisting people to improve their relationships with themselves, God, other people, and our planet and all its creatures and plants. It has been both rewarding and very frustrating work.  A lot of the New Age teaching revolves around manifesting what we want. Keeping our minds positive, focusing.  And, that’s great stuff.  However, I have learned through my healing practice mind control is not enough. You also need emotion control.  Well, not really “control” but understanding and clearing.  We respond the way we do because a part of us has not been loved and traumas have filled the space.   Sounds too simple doesn’t it? But, really, as Earnest Holmes said, ‘Nothing to heal, only God to reveal.”  Love is God. So, in the healing work I hold divine loving presence right where the trauma lives.  Right in the cells, atoms, and DNA where the memory of the incident rests awaiting a word, a smell, a sound, or a look to activate it.  What is more powerful than God? Nothing.  Nothing.  All beings great and small come from the same Divine Seed.  So, if Divine Love has created you, then divine Love can heal you. Makes sense, doesn’t it.  So, in the presence, if the client is willing, the trauma melts away.  The spaces in your cells and atoms that are love, means the more of you is love. Nice isn’t it.

So, who you are becomes love.  And love is the greatest manifestor of all. As it is the creator of all.

Ten Minutes Just For You – The Five Second Stretch…

Several questions have come in about the five second stretch. I know it seems odd that your yoga teachers and coaches don’t know this principle, but change takes awhile. Remember, humans thought the Earth was flat for a very long time!

So, what to do. When you are in your yoga class, hold the posture for five seconds; one Mississippi, two  Mississippi, and so on. Relax the pose, then if the class is still holding it, do it again.

If you are working with a coach, share with him/her your new discovery and refer him to My coach was very grateful to learn this technique.

Here’s to relaxed, tuned, and strong muscles!

Ten Minutes Just for You – Tight or Sore Muscles?

This blog is for my dancer and yoga friends and anyone else who works out. Might that be you? I learned over the years of treating fibromyalgia and multiple sports injuries (including my own) that the conventional wisdom about muscles may be a bubble out of plum. Dr. Tom Griner, inventor of NeuroSoma, and the author of “What’s Really Wrong With You?” has solved the muscle mystery.

NeuroSoma is his treatment to eliminate muscles tension and many other ailments, as it goes much deeper than muscles. Here is the definition from their website: “A delicate but powerful fingertip massage technique, NeuroSoma® relaxes hard, overly-contracted muscle tissue by stimulating small feedback nerves issuing from muscle spindle sensory receptors, which are little nerve bodies scattered throughout muscles.

Unlike regular massage therapy, NeuroSoma® specifically addresses hypertonic muscle spasm, a serious and unless properly treated, permanent condition that differs from ordinary tension in that it is produced by a malfunction of the nervous system. We refer to it as ‘insidious spasm’ because it gradually and often silently encroaches on healthy muscle. Hypertonus underlies conditions not commonly associated with muscle, and can impact the nervous, circulatory, skeletal, and neuroendocrine systems. Sick muscle creates a sick body. Practitioners of most remedies don’t understand the full science of skeletal muscle malfunction, which begins in the nervous system.”

This explains it even better.

One simple tip – stretch a muscle for only five seconds. Yes, FIVE SECONDS. Count, one Mississippi, two Mississippi… Griner found that less than five, or more than five seconds creates lactic acid in the muscle. That’s the substance that stiffens your muscles. But, five seconds helps the muscle relax and release the lactic acid! How simple. For example, if you are doing a lunge pose, hold it for five seconds. Downward dog –  same thing and so on. It’s done wonders for me and many of my clients. Give it try, and feel your muscles become more toned and more responsive. That will certainly help on the dance floor!

Ten Minutes Just for You: Letting Go

Here’s the first installment of Ten Minutes for You. Really, just do these exercises ten minutes a day and your inner peace and joy will grow expedientially. Here goes – just 10 minutes…

I am reminded again of the  importance of letting go. It has almost become a trite phrase in our culture, “just let go.”  If it were that easy, why is it SO hard? Consider this. Our cells actually store our life experiences – good, bad, or neutral.  That’s why you can walk into a room and smell something and a memory comes right back to you.  Plus, we carry the imprints of  the beliefs, realities, and opinions of our parents, our church, and our schools in our cells. Kinda a double whammy! You react to these imprints and memories without even knowing it, because “it’s always been that way.”

You may not have gone through the Depression or a war, but your parents or grandparents probably did.  So, you carry the trauma of that and thus, scarcity rules your finances.

Always worried about money? Always get irritated when you don’t get your way? Afraid of death? Afraid to really live your dream? Afraid of losing someone you love? And the list goes on. Take a moment – it’s worth it – to write down what’s “always been that way,”  for you.

Now, with your list: sit quietly, take a breath (there it is again – breathing!), and ask for a shift of perception about each item on your list, one at a time. Feel and listen for the shift. Now, say “What can I do different to make 10 times more money, work less, and enjoy it more.? What else is possible? Or “What can I do different ….(fill the blank).

If it doesn’t shift for you, give me a call, and we can do a mini 30 minute clearing over the phone -828-299-8800.

Stressed? Overwhelmed?

Tension seems to mount unbearably sometimes and now with the stress of winter weather, sub zero temperatures…what to do?

We are hard wired to react to danger with our adrenals pumping out fight or flee hormones. Unfortunately, we don’t fight or run, so our bodies are searching for ways to express this extra energy. Keeping constant contact with our electronics adds to the tension, as the brain never has a moment to rest.

The key is relaxation. I know – “you can’t relax!” But it may be easier than you think. Here are three simple tips:

Breathe. Yes, really, try taking a deep breath when the computer doesn’t work, the news pounds at you, or any other stress trigger. The key here is to intend to be AWARE of when you have stopped breathing and are tensing up.

Exercise. Dance, swim, ride, run, jump on a trampoline… Do something, and do a little each day. Try the 15 minute workout. Just get into the gym or down to your trend mill.

Eat: Food affects your moods. REDUCE starches – breads, pastas, potatoes, chocolate, pastries, candies, alcohol. Their relief is temporary at best and then after the crash, you are back at it, powerless. Stop the “cycle of crave, consume, and crash.” INCREASE spinach, lettuce greens, kale, broccoli, squash, cabbage, bok choy and protein. Whatever protein you like; eggs, chicken, beef, fish, beans… Protein will help break the carbohydrate cycle.

As William Ernest Henley says in his poem Invictus: “I am the Master of my fate; I am the Captain of my soul.”

And as I say, “Be the Master of your body and your  mind.” 

Here’s to your freedom!