It’s Not What you Want…

…but who you are.  I worked for over four decades assisting people to improve their relationships with themselves, God, other people, and our planet and all its creatures and plants. It has been both rewarding and very frustrating work.  A lot of the New Age teaching revolves around manifesting what we want. Keeping our minds positive, focusing.  And, that’s great stuff.  However, I have learned through my healing practice mind control is not enough. You also need emotion control.  Well, not really “control” but understanding and clearing.  We respond the way we do because a part of us has not been loved and traumas have filled the space.   Sounds too simple doesn’t it? But, really, as Earnest Holmes said, ‘Nothing to heal, only God to reveal.”  Love is God. So, in the healing work I hold divine loving presence right where the trauma lives.  Right in the cells, atoms, and DNA where the memory of the incident rests awaiting a word, a smell, a sound, or a look to activate it.  What is more powerful than God? Nothing.  Nothing.  All beings great and small come from the same Divine Seed.  So, if Divine Love has created you, then divine Love can heal you. Makes sense, doesn’t it.  So, in the presence, if the client is willing, the trauma melts away.  The spaces in your cells and atoms that are love, means the more of you is love. Nice isn’t it.

So, who you are becomes love.  And love is the greatest manifestor of all. As it is the creator of all.

Ten Minutes Just for You: Letting Go

Here’s the first installment of Ten Minutes for You. Really, just do these exercises ten minutes a day and your inner peace and joy will grow expedientially. Here goes – just 10 minutes…

I am reminded again of the  importance of letting go. It has almost become a trite phrase in our culture, “just let go.”  If it were that easy, why is it SO hard? Consider this. Our cells actually store our life experiences – good, bad, or neutral.  That’s why you can walk into a room and smell something and a memory comes right back to you.  Plus, we carry the imprints of  the beliefs, realities, and opinions of our parents, our church, and our schools in our cells. Kinda a double whammy! You react to these imprints and memories without even knowing it, because “it’s always been that way.”

You may not have gone through the Depression or a war, but your parents or grandparents probably did.  So, you carry the trauma of that and thus, scarcity rules your finances.

Always worried about money? Always get irritated when you don’t get your way? Afraid of death? Afraid to really live your dream? Afraid of losing someone you love? And the list goes on. Take a moment – it’s worth it – to write down what’s “always been that way,”  for you.

Now, with your list: sit quietly, take a breath (there it is again – breathing!), and ask for a shift of perception about each item on your list, one at a time. Feel and listen for the shift. Now, say “What can I do different to make 10 times more money, work less, and enjoy it more.? What else is possible? Or “What can I do different ….(fill the blank).

If it doesn’t shift for you, give me a call, and we can do a mini 30 minute clearing over the phone -828-299-8800.