Freedom for You

“We are not our feelings. We are not our moods. We are not even our thoughts.” Stephen Covey from Seven Habits of Very Effective People. Our feelings and our moods are just energy-in-motion. E-Motion. As Buddha explained, they arise, then fall away.

Now, just take a deep breath if an unpleasant emotion, thought, or mood arises. Feel it fall away. It may take a moment or two. No rush. This practice keeps you aware of what is happening inside of you. Keep breathing.

For three days, watch, listen, feel how your emotions, moods, and thoughts arise and then fall away. Remember the breath and be amazed. You will realize that you are not your feelings, moods, or thoughts. They are transient. More on getting free next time.

Motivational Speaker for you on the Secret to Inner Peace

The secret to inner peace lies in your true treasure. Where is your treasure? I bet each person reading this has a different response. “Well, maybe in hidden in the back yard.” Or, “I treasure my family.” I treasure my friends, job, house, security, safety… You can discover where and what your real treasure is by looking at where you spend your time. On the computer? On facebook putting in your new photos or looking at others? Making money? Watching your stocks and bonds, trading? And where are your thoughts? Most people don’t really know what they are thinking all day. It is a quick and continual stream of consciousness, or is it? Maybe it’s just a stream of old audio tapes from the past or fear thoughts of planning for the future. Knowing what you spend time thinking about will give you a clue to where your treasure is. Take a quiz. What do you think of first thing in the morning as you awaken? How does that set the tone for the day? Okay, you don’t know what first comes to mind. Tomorrow morning, check it out. Then pay attention to your thinking throughout the day. You may be surprised. Now, add up how many fearful or negative thoughts you have per hour, by noon, by dinner, by bed. Shocking isn’t it?

Our great spiritual teachers asked this question. Where is your treasure? Christ said, if your treasure is outside of you, then you will create trouble, pain, and suffering. But if your treasure is within you, you will create peace and harmony. Okay great. Sounds terrific doesn’t it? But what does it really mean? What’s inside of you? Maybe alot of turmoil about this recession, or your spouse, or the kids, or your job… Or is that all about your exterior environment? Inside you, means the Divine Center within you. The Divine Seed within you. This seed may not have sprouted yet, but it’s there. How to water it, nurture it? Breath and silencing your mind. In the center of the now is presence, the presence of the Divine. Try sitting with your feet flat on the floor, your back straight in your chair, eyes closed and just listen to your breath. Drop your breath down to your belly, way down. Keep breathing. Now, tell your mind to let go, to empty. ‘Mind empty now of all the thoughts from the day.’ Do this ten minutes a day, and you will begin to find your real treasure. Your treasure with your higher self. Your treasure of inner peace. Cost? Ten minutes a day. Are you worth it? Is your family worth it? Is your bank account worth it?