What People are Saying


Over the past few years, I’ve been through so much…my mother passing away, a divorce, single parenting, a new partner, a new job.  I don’t think I could have made it through all the transitions without Deborah-Marie’s guidance and support. I finally feel like I can communicate successfully, enjoy my life, love myself, and breathe!  I finally feel whole.

Kris Mease

Deborah-Marie is a true healer in every sense of the word.  Her deep insight and sensitivity into both the physical and metaphysical realms of existence coupled with many years of serious training, research and practice in her field have given her an extraordinary base from which to work. As our sessions progressed, I felt layer upon layer of tension and strain falling away leaving me with a new sense of clarity, freedom and flexibility.

Sharon Rose Mideastern Scholar and Dancer

The impact of our Conscious Leadership Training and CRT group practices is vividly evident in our office.  Typically stress is the abiding emotion in tax season.  However this year, the entire staff is relaxed and collaborative while still focused on our goals.  In fact the end result is that we are working more efficiently producing more completed tax returns in less hours.  Clearly our investment in this training has paid big dividends.

Carol L King CPA, PFS

Through her Conscious Leadership Course, Deborah-Marie Diamond helped us to develop new ways of learning to lead and interact with staff and with clients. She helped expand our resource base and intuitive knowing as well as create new approaches to our community work. The training helped cultivate a deeper sense of inner calm and trust while showing us how to grow in our business through more team work and more synergy.

Erik Pflaumbaum Director of Operations, Carol King & Associates

Thank you so much for clearing my cottage and the land around it. That house had been a financial drain for years, but after your healing work, it is now a big money-maker!

T. Frank, Asheville

This house was only seven years old when I bought it, and I was the sixth owner. The couple that built it, got a divorce and sold it. The next couple argued and argued and split up. Same, with the three others!
After the first year living here, I couldn’t stand the pressure of NOTHING going right. Terrible trouble with the water – that took a year to correct. No matter how hard I worked, there was never enough money. My relationships failed… and so it continued until you cleared and set it!
Then everything improved. My business picked up, I got into a loving relationship. And it feels SO good to come home now!
Thank you!!

Marie Johnson

I can’t believe the difference in our home and yard after Deborah-Marie’s clearing! The communication in our family is much better, much easier, less defensive, and we are all supporting each other more. There is far less bickering and a lot more laughter and harmony. Even the cat is happier! When we do go through rough patches, we come out of it more quickly and peacefully. Good things are happening!

Kris Mease

This seminar has awakened, enlivened, and enriched my life on a deep cellular level. This Experience cannot be gotten from books or from ‘thinking’. It moves your heart to a deep understanding of truth, releasing fears and illusions.

Joan Tryba The Zen of Transformation

Deborah-Marie, who orchestrated and conducted this exciting seminar is such a dynamic and inspirational teacher and healer that each time I thought I had gone deeply enough inside myself, she was able to challenge me further making every cell in my body vibrate. My whole molecular structure has been rearranged to the point where I have been moved to alter my life dramatically.

Judy Mehr Diamond Healing School

This experience transformed my life. The healing effect rippled through my life like dominoes falling.

Jan Castle Environmentalist

Godseed was life changing for me. The sense of peace, calm and trust I obtained from the work… was beyond what I could’ve imagined. Walking the Life of Christ helped deepen my sense of interconnectedness with all life, and increased my feelings of compassion for myself and those around me…

Mariah Castle Sociologist