Conscious Leadership Training

What others say:

“The impact of our Conscious Leadership Training and CRT group practices is vividly evident in our office.  Typically stress is the abiding emotion in tax season.  However this year, the entire staff is relaxed and collaborative while still focused on our goals.  In fact the end result is that we are working more efficiently producing more completed tax returns in less hours.  Clearly our investment in this training has paid big dividends.”       Carol L King, CPA, PFS

pasted-image-small-16It costs your organization a lot of money whenever any of your employees or volunteers do not use initiative, resourcefulness, creativity, don’t trust enough to speak up, isolate, feel victimized, blame others, or are discontent.

Imagine how smooth, happy, and abundant your business would be if everyone of your staff worked in the most effective and conscious (EC) level possible? With each person feeling safe enough to explore new creative options, and open to the possibilities never discovered before.  An excitement and energy would be created not yet imagined.

With a team of Highly Effective and Conscious People, which this training will develop, your organization can rise to a new state of consciousness. As Einstein said “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

With 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey as our base line, the additional teachings and practices of “Conscious Leadership,” will bring new awareness and practical tools to work in the quantum realm where things are created. This will facilitate expansion and possibilities yet unrealized and a deep sense of interconnection.

In most trainings and in life, we only use 10% of our brains. With Conscious Leadership Training, participants will engage in “whole body” learning and “whole brain” activation. Being able to use the dormant 90% of the brain, resourcefulness and creativity will flourish exponentially. The other 10% will also grow and develop.

Create this…

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Not this…


Learn how to bring out the best in your toughest clients or employees…

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Facilitator Deborah-Marie Diamond, M.A. will guide you into new terrain:

Deborah-Marie Diamond, M.A. portrait
Deborah-Marie Diamond, M.A.
  • Develop whole body and whole brain activation skills
  • Solve Problems at a higher level of thinking than they were created on
  • Achieve improved personal management and inter-personal relationship skills
  • Synergize teams and client relations
  • Balance life tasks
  • Experience more joy at the workplace and at home
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce work stress
  • And much more…

The course is three to five days

(Organization to determine schedule)


Contact Deborah-Marie Diamond or call 828-299-8800 to discuss your firm’s aspirations.

Once under contract for the training a 1/3 down payment is due. The balance is due when the course begins. Fee to be announced.

Training Policies:
Refunds and Cancellations:

If the organization cancels a month before the training begins a full refund is given. If you cancel within two weeks of the training’s start date, 1/2 of the down payment is refunded. After that, no refund is given.

Additional Information:

No perquisites are required

Who Should Attend?

Organizations that want to lead the community/world into a more expansive synergistic model and have the courage to look at what doesn’t work and change it.

Advanced Preparation:

Purchase 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey for each participant and read the introduction.

What others say:

“Through her Conscious Leadership Course, Deborah-Marie Diamond helped us to develop new ways of learning to lead and interact with staff and with clients. She helped expand our resource base and intuitive knowing as well as create new approaches to our community work. The training helped cultivate a deeper sense of inner calm and trust while showing us how to grow in our business through more team work and more synergy.”
Erik Pflaumbaum, Director of Operations, Carol King & Associates.