Private Sessions

A private session with Deborah-Marie is a safe transforming opportunity, whether you are dealing with a physical illness or injury, emotional upset or trauma, or just want to feel more fulfilled and whole. She works in quantum realm and is trained in many trauma release therapies.

If you have been on a Spiritual Journey for a while, but still aren’t able to sustain the joy, private sessions may help you break through to your realization.

How Does It Work?

Asheville-officeYou may work with Deborah-Marie over the phone, or in her downtown Asheville office.

The sessions are 50 – 75 minutes. At the beginning of the session, you will state your focus or prayer of healing. Then, you will comfortably lie on a massage table (fully clothed) cozy under a blanket.

Deborah-Marie will balance and scan your energies to see where the problem originates. What comes after that depends on what your higher self requests. She may chant, sound, or be perfectly silent while working with your energies.

No session is the same, as each person is different and each session is unique onto it’s self.

“Deborah-Marie is a true healer in every sense of the word. Her deep insight and sensitivity into both the physical and metaphysical realms of existence coupled with many years of serious training, research and practice in her field have given her an extraordinary base from which to work. As our sessions progressed, I felt layer upon layer of tension and strain falling away leaving me with a new sense of clarity, freedom and flexibility.”  Sharon Rose, Mideastern Scholar and Dancer