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Walk the Mythic Lives of  Great Avatars and Archetypes


Union of the Masters, by Deborah-Marie Diamond, is a visionary novel about Buddha, Christ, and Running Bear Eagle coming back to Earth at the same time and in the same place to assist in our evolution to beings of love and compassion. As the story unravels, each of these enlightened beings share not only the essence of their spiritual teachings, but also grace us with their humanness. The novel takes us past our polarized mind set and demonstrates how to to live a life of unity and love.

earth day labyrinthFrom this novel comes the Diamond Mystery School where we walk the lives of these spiritual masters. You literally act out the turning points of the avatar’s life, so you experience their life as yours. Changes, then, occur in your belief system, your perspective of life, your neurology, your DNA and in your cells and atoms.

Miraculous inner healing and transformation may transpire, as you walk in their footsteps and practice their teachings.Deborah-Marie Diamond smiling

Part I. Live a Life of Oneness

Walk the Life of Running Bear Eagle

Part II. Awaken

Walk the Life of Buddha

Part III. Godseed, script by Jean Houston

Walk the Life of Christ

Part IV. Mary Magdalene: Prostitute or Priestess

Walk the Life of Mary Magdalene

What others say about Awaken:

“This seminar has awakened, enlivened, and enriched my life on a deep cellular level. This Experience cannot be gotten from books or from ‘thinking’. It moves your heart to a deep understanding of truth, releasing fears and illusions.” Joan Tryba, The Zen of Transformation

“Deborah-Marie, who orchestrated and conducted this exciting seminar is such a dynamic and inspirational teacher and healer that each time I thought I had gone deeply enough inside myself, she was able to challenge me further making every cell in my body vibrate. My whole molecular structure has been rearranged to the point where I have been moved to alter my life dramatically.” Judy Mehr, Diamond Healing School

“This experience transformed my life. The healing effect rippled through my life like dominoes falling.” Jan Castle, environmentalist

What Others Say about Godseed

“Godseed was life changing for me. The sense of peace, calm and trust I obtained from the work… was beyond what I could’ve imagined. Walking the Life of Christ helped deepen my sense of interconnectedness with all life, and increased my feelings of compassion for myself and those around me…” Mariah Castle, Sociologist

Mary Magdelene

Prostitute or Priestess.   Fiction or Sacred Wife of a Savior.
A Three-Day Interactive Seminar

The Mystery of Mary Magdalene lay secreted for almost two thousand years and shrouded in deception. However, in the last decade there has been an upsurge of public interest and research regarding the true story of Jesus Christ, his lineage, and Mary Magdalene.

Now, you have the opportunity to not only read about Mary, but to actually embody her by reenacting the most powerful aspects of her life. With music setting the tone, you will play the part of Mary and other characters of her life. An aspect of the feminine hidden for centuries will be awakened in you as you walk Mary’s life from childhood to adulthood and her true story is revealed.

During this mythic walk the teachings are transmitted to you. This transports you to higher levels of being. Miraculous inner healings and transformation may occur, as you walk in Mary’s footsteps and practice her teachings. Don’t miss this chance to change yourself and the world. This Mythic Walk is for both men and women.

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Suggested Reading:

The Woman with the Alabaster Jar; Margaret Starbird
Holy Blood, Holy Grail; Michael Baignet et al